Pro Stock Rules

Dallas county fair tech officials have the right to refuse any car at any time.

  1. Frame: Must have full body frame. No 4×4, pickups, or el Camino. Must be strictly stock. No plating of frame. If replacing frame behind rear suspension must be 2”X3” tubing .120 maximum thickness.
  2. Roll cage: Full 4 point cage, door to door, firewall to firewall is required. Inch and half or greater pipe, .095 or greater thickness is required. Fuel cell protection to the rear of the car only. Front kickers in engine compartment must attach to frame behind radiator not attached to front radaitor.
  3. Door bars: Must have a minimum of three door bars. May have metal door protection that does not exceed 6 inches past the door frame on front door. Nothing more than 1/8 inch plating
  4. Body: Must be stock body. No jagged or protruding metal Must have front firewall in factory location. No holes in firewall between driver and engine. Rear firewall not to exceed 16inches in front of factory location. Remove all exterior trim, molding, and glass. Doors must be chained or welded shut. Will allow small hoop 6 in behind rear tire, maximum .095 thicknesses, between outside of frame and inside of rear quarter panel. Cannot be bolted to fender. 3/8” bars allowed around wheel wells only, no extra reinforcement allowed.
  5. Driver’s compartment: Window net on driver’s side required. Full screen in place of windshield. Remove all flammable material including dash, door panels, carpeting, and bench seat. Approved circle track steel or aluminum racing seat required. Seat not to be more than 70” from back of block to back of seat (measured to seat belt opening on seat). No center drive seats. 4 point harness required. Seat and harness must be attached to cage.
  6. Suspension: Must be factory replacement shocks and springs in OEM location. Suspension must be OEM or OEM replacement. Rear springs are to be centered over rear end and the same length. No weight jacks on front suspension.
  7. Rear end: May use nine inch Ford rear end in any car. Shocks and springs must be in original location. No weight jacks. If weight jacks are present must be welded solid.
  8. Bumpers: Must be factory OEM style bumper. Bumper straps from side of bumper to fender is recommended. Maximum material is 6” wide 12” long 1/8” thick. No extended tubing or angle iron. Plastic nose cones allowed over bumper. No kickers. Must start race with bumper, if it falls off you will be equipment flagged.Must enter next race with bumper. Tow hooks mandatory on front and rear bumper. Must be visible from standing location.
  9. Tires/Wheels: 8” tire max (Hoosier G60-16 is ok). Bead locks are ok. 8” Rim max. All wheels must have 1 inch lug nuts. Cars cannot race with stripped or broken studs.
  10. Brakes: 4 wheel working brakes required. No adjustable brake valves allowed.
  11. Fuel system: Must have racing fuel cell with roll over protection valve and vented. Must be in trunk. Rubber fuel or oil line inside driver’s compartment must be encased in steel conduit. Must be carbureted. 4 barrels allowed. Cam 2 allowed. No nitrous, alcohol, or oxygen additives allowed. Stock style block mounted fuel pumps only!
  12. Weight: No ballast of any kind allowed.
  13. Battery: Battery must be contained in metal box, secured tightly and covered. Must be klocated in trunk or drivers compartment.
  14. Engine: Must be in stock location. (Maximum setback for chevy is 1 ¾“ from center of fuel pump to front edge of K member). Must be manufacture specific to chassis. 366 CI maximum Chevy and Ford. 375 CI maximum Mopar. No 400 CI blocks. Motors must pull 14in (15, 16, 17, ZERO TOLERANCE) of vacuum at 1000 rpm that is checked at the intake. 4 barrel carburetors allowed. 1 inch adaptor plates will be allowed. No roller cams. Steel or aluminum roller rockers allowed (No shaft mounted rocker arms). No porting or polishing. Headers allowed, Aluminum intakes allowed, MSD allowed. Maximum of 175PSI compression at any time.
  15. Heads: Must be cast iron stock production heads. No aluminum heads. Vortex and double hump heads allowed. Maximum 2.02 Intake valve 1.60 Exhaust valve. No Porting or polishing.
  16. Transmission: All automatic transmissions must have a working torque converter, No direct drive. Stall converters allowed. Transmission coolers must be located under hood (NOT in driver’s compartment).
  17. Drive shafts: must be painted white. Must have a loop 360 degrees around the front of the drive shaft approximately 3” behind u-joint. No chains no aluminum driveshafts.
  18. Radiator: Radiators in stock location only. Radiator supports can only have 1/8” tubing in a hoop where original was. Nothing more than a wire screen or stock grill in front. May have 2 straps, like seat belts holding radiator. May have 1 bar in front of radiator not to exceed a 1 1/2 inch in diameter no wider than the frame. Kickers must be in front of spring pockets not to be attached to roll cage.
  19. Safety: All drivers must wear approved safety equipment at all times on the track. Approved safety equipment is: protective headgear, long sleeves, long pants are mandatory. Neck rolls and fire suits are very highly recommended.
  20. Post Race Tech. All cars to stay on track. One pit person per car on track after race is over. Open hoods only upon officials discursion. Cars must pass officials tech. NO riding on cars.
  21. Number sign: Must have three sided sign (16”X16”) securely fastened to roof. Sign must be white with red numbers.
  22. This is limited to stock class drivers only. If you think a car is illegal, you can place a $100 cash protest. If wrong, the driver that is being protested gets $50 and Dallas County Figure 8 gets $50. If you are correct, you get $50 back and the Dallas county Figure 8 gets $50 and the driver who was incorrect will be disqualified for the night. This protest need to be done within 10 minutes after the stock main. Inspection and tear down of the car will follow stock main re-tech. If you refuse a protest, driver will be disqualified for the rest of the year. Driver of protested car, 1 pit man and person who protested are allowed in the inspection area. Protests can only come from a stock class driver who paid to race that night. Protests must be made at check-in building. Cash only – no checks.

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