Open Rules

Dallas County Fair officials have the right to refuse any car at any time.

  1. Frame: No 4X4, no pick-ups.
  2. Body: Car doors, hood, and trunk must be chained or welded shut. All glass and trim must be removed. NO Mirrors allowed. Cars may be reinforced. No bolts or other protruding objects from sides of car allowed.
  3. Roll Cage: 4 point cage with three door bars on both sides is mandatory.
  4. Driver’s compartment: Drivers compartment can be reinforced. Racing seat required with a minimum of four point harness. Seat and belts must be attached to cage. No tranny coolers allowed in driver’s compartment. Water coolers allowed.
  5. Suspension: One spring and shock per wheel. Must be stock style suspension. All suspension parts must be in OEM locations except for shocks. Coil over shocks are allowed but considered a Non stock or “other” suspension. All non stock or other suspension must run G-60 series tires.
  6. Rear end: Rear end spider gears may be welded. Floaters and quick change rear ends are legal. No pan hard bars, traction bars, torque links, or other traction control devices. 1” lug nuts mandatory. Solid locked gears only, no limited slip or torque dividing differentials allowed.
  7. Bumpers: Bumpers must be in place. Bumpers cannot be wider than the body. No protruding parts from bumpers. Bumper straps required from bumper to body. Tow hooks are mandatory on front and rear. Must be able to with stand weight of car.
  8. Tires/Wheels: Factory 10” wheel and tire allowed. Must be factory spec 10” or smaller. All non-stock suspensions must run G-60 series tires (8’ tire).
  9. Fuel: Fuel cell in trunk is mandatory. Must have roll over valve. If you run alcohol it needs to be brought up at the drivers meeting. Must run an additive to see it burn. Must have a sticker (with an A on it) on the driver’s side of the car that is visible from a distance.
  10. Battery: Battery must be securely fastened to cage or frame. Must be cover by a box or rubber mat.
  11. Engine: No Aluminum blocks! Aluminum heads allowed Headers legal.
  12. Radiators: Engine cooling radiator must be in front of engine between frame rails. Tranny coolers must be under hood.
  13. Drive shaft: Must be painted white. Must have front drive shaft loop. No chain smaller than ¼” X 1” loops. Highly recommended to be made of metal.
  14. Ballast: Must be painted white with car number on weight.
  15. Number sign: Must have three sided sign 16”X16” securely fastened to roof. Sign must be white with Black Number. Number on door is optional must match number on sign.

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