General Rules

Driver Rules

  1. One driver in each car must wear a working raceciever. No two way communication allowed in any class.
  2. Must be 16 years with parents signature or older to run cruiser, pro-stock, hobby, 18 years old to run Open class, 45 to run seniors. 14 years old with parents signature in FWD class
  3. Racing Fire suit is mandatory. Minimum single layer Jacket and Pant Required. Approved racing helmet required. Gloves, shoes, and neck rolls are recommended, but not required.
  4. After having registered, driver has waived all rights to claim in case of injury received entering, on the track, or in the pit area.
  5. All cars must be in pit area 1 hour prior to the start of the race. Any driver showing up late must be placed in a heat at the official’s discretion. Pits open 2.5 hrs prior to the start of the race.
  6. Must have a place to hook a chain front and back of your race car. (tow hooks)
  7. Mandatory enclosure in driver’s compartment of all electrical, fuel, and oil in rubber lines or steel pipe.
  8. Wire screen mandatory on driver half of windshield and a window net on any driver’s door. No wire screen or plastic netting allowed.
  9. No mirrors what so ever allowed in any class.

Track Rules: Official’s decisions are final

  1. All cars must stay on traveled portion of the track. If your car goes off the track, slow down and re-enter the track as close to the place of leaving as possible and do not pass any cars off the track.
  2. Cars are only allowed on the track during a race, hot laps or as directed by officials.
  3. Cars are only able to pit during a feature in the designated area when allowed to do so. Any car leaving the track before the end of a race, unless under a yellow light, will be disqualified for the rest of the night.
  4. No work is able to be done on the cars once the race has started.
  5. No profanity on cars.
  6. All cars must run take a green in a heat race to be qualified for a feature event.
  7. No substitution of drivers or cars will be allowed once the green flag drops of a heat race.
  8. Must take a lap in the heat race to get your attendance points for that night.
  9. Running on a flat tire is only allowed in the main. Once the tire falls off you will be given the equipment flag no matter of what position you’re in.
  10. If your car is smoking excessively under a green flag, according to officials, you will be equipment flagged.
  11. Both bumpers must remain on at all times or you will be equipment flagged. If any part of the bumper touched the ground you will be equipment flagged for that race. Bumper covers are not considered part of your bumper if they come off during the race.
  12. Ignoring flags. If you chose to ignore flags, you will be disqualified for that night and lose all points (except attendance) and money for that night.
  13. No riding on cars. For the safety of all, riding on cars will not be tolerated. If you are caught with someone riding on your car you will lose pay for that night.
  14. Race Rules: Official’s decisions are final
  15. Flags.
    • Green – Race is under way
    • Red – Stop no questions
    • Black – Leave the race, rule violation
    • Yellow/Black strip – Equipment failure, leave the race
    • White – Final lap
    • Checkered – race completed
  16. Car Signs and colors.
  17. Open – white sign black numbers
  18. Pro stock – white sign red numbers
  19. Cruisers – white sign blue numbers
  20. FWD – white sign green numbers
  21. In case of accident before completion of the first lap, race will restart with cars in original position.
  22. If accident occurs during the race, the race will be judged by the spotters.
  23. Cars involved in the accident, if able to, will be able to return to the back of the pack.
  24. NO deliberate driver door hits. Will result in immediate expulsion. If you push a car and it flips you will be black flagged for the night.
  25. Black flags. If you receive a black flag in your heat, you are done for that race. You may advance to a consey or feature in last position only. If you receive a black flag in your feature you are done for that night.
  26. Only officials are allowed on the track during and after the races. Drivers, pit people, and family coming onto the track will not be allowed at the next event if violated.
  27. Any car found to be in non compliance in the officials opinion, even after tech inspection and allowed in the pits, will be disqualified. If protested during the race, officials will recheck the car. Cars that are disqualified will not be able to participate in any other heats, conseys, or mains and will forfeit all points, money, and entry fees for that night.
  28. If less than 2 laps remain from the completion of the race and a red flag occurs, we will score based on the last completed lap, but will run a green, white, checkered to the finish of the race.
  29. Disqualifications. If disqualified during an event, you will get attendance points only. No money will be paid out or other points awarded.
  30. Line-Up. The lineup will be posted on the line up board. YOU ARE responsible to know when your race is and to be there on time. No one will come and get you. Be lined up in staging area one race prior to the white flag on the track. If you are not there, the line up official has the right to place you in the back of that race.

Pit Rules, Pit pass mandatory

  1. No intoxicating substances of any kind allowed in the pit area.
  2. All persons in the pit area will follow instructions of the pit staff, No exceptions.
  3. Pit area will open 2.5 hrs prior to the start time for that day.
  4. All cars must be in pit area half hour prior to the start time for that day. Any driver showing up late will be place in the tail of a heat at the official’s discretion.
  5. One tow vehicle and one race car allowed in pits. No spectator vehicle.
  6. No racing or ramming around in the pits.
  7. Once teched in, a car will not be allowed to leave the pit area except to enter and exit the race track during designated races. If this occurs you are disqualified for that night. No points or money will be awarded.
  8. All persons in pit must be 16 years of age or accompanied by an adult and have a pit pass with them at all times.
  9. Persons receiving a pit pass are advised that doing so they have waived the right to claim injury while in the pit area or track.
  10. All cars must be removed from the pit area within two hours of the last feature or become property of the DALLAS COUNTY FAIR. Valid entry receipt must accompany cars removed.
  11. NO ENGINE CLAIM in any class.
  12. Drivers are responsible for the people in their pits and there family. Penalties will be disqualification for that night as well as the next race.

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