Front Wheel Drive Rules

Dallas County Fair tech officials have the right to refuse any car at any time.

  1. Frame: Must be front wheel drive. No full size cars, no trucks, no mini vans, No all wheel drive.
  2. Body: Must be strictly stock, No Modifying of body allowed. All doors, hoods, and trunk must be chained or bolted shut. No bolts or other protruding objects from the sides of the car will be allowed. Body panels maximum of 20 gauge steel (22, 23, 24 allowed). No reinforcement unless between wheels on drivers side only
  3. Roll Cage: full four point cages, door to door, firewall to firewall is required. 1 ½ or greater pipe .095 or greater thickness required. Cage must stay within front firewall and forward of rear suspension. Minimum of two driver door bars.
  4. Driver compartment: Racing seat is highly encouraged. 4 point harness is required (even if using a factory seat). Window net required on driver’s door. Full screen in place of windshield covering at least the driver’s side. All chrome, glass, mirrors and exterior plastic pieces must be removed from car. NO mirrors allowed in car.
  5. Suspension: Must be factory OEM suspension in factory locations.
  6. Bumpers: Must use factory OEM bumper. No tubular bumpers, No fabricated bumpers, No nose cones allowed. Must be in factory location. Tow hooks mandatory on front and rear bumpers. MUST be able to with stand weight of car. (5/16” X1” loops) Bumper caps from bumpers to front and rear quarters are required and to exceed 6” X 12” X 1/8”
  7. Tires/Wheels: Wheels and tires must be stock. NO mud or snow tires allowed (per factory specs). No chains or hubcaps. No donuts (spare tires). All 4 tires must be same size.
  8. Brakes: 4 wheel working brakes are required no brake valves.
  9. Fuel system: Fuel tank may remain in factory location, highly recommended to use fuel cell in truck. Must be securely mounted to body and a firewall built around tank. 92% octane or less. No racing fuel.
  10. Battery: Battery must be securely fastened in stock position or on passenger floor. If on passenger floor, must be in a steel box with a secured lid rubber over battery. No plastic boxes allowed.
  11. Engine: 4 and 6 cylinders allowed. No 8 cylinders. No superchargers or turbo’s.
  12. Transmission: Must be factory transmission. Locked or welded front ends ok, no limited slip devices allowed.
  13. Number sign: 3 sided sign 16”X16” securely fastened to top of car. Sign must be white with green numbers. Putting number on door is optional must match sign.
  14. If it doesn’t say you can do it, DON’T do it!

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