Cruiser Rules

Dallas County Fair has the right to refuse any car at any time.

  1. Frame: Must have full body frame. No 4×4, pickups, el Camino. 107.5” wheelbase minimum. Must be strictly stock. No plating of frame.
  2. Roll cage: Must have 4 point roll cage (or better) welded to the frame. We will allow x bracing under roll cage and fuel cell. Roll cage cannot come through firewalls.
  3. Door bars: Must have a minimum of three door bars on both doors. May have metal door protection that does not exceed 6 inches past the door frame on front doors (both sides). Nothing more than 1/8 inch plating
  4. Body: Must be stock body. No jagged or protruding metal. Must be factory firewall front and rear. No holes in firewall between driver and engine. Remove all exterior trim, molding, glass, front end nose pieces (plastic). Doors must be chained or welded shut. Plate steel from back of seat to firewall recommended on floor. Nose and tail pieces allowed but must be ford to ford GM to GM.
  5. Drivers compartment: Window nets on drivers and passengers side required. Full screen in place of windshield. ACCELERATOR to be located on passengers side, attached to floor, out of reach of driver. There is to be no pedal, wires, strings, or rods, etc… within drivers reach. Remove all flammable material including dash, door panels, carpeting, and bench seat. Approved circle track steel or aluminum racing seat required.4 point harness required. Seat and harness must be attached to cage. Rubber lines in drivers compartment must be encased in steel conduit.
  6. Suspension: Must be completely stock suspension. Must be factory shocks and springs. Must be in original location. No full fledged racing springs. Pigtail springs in rear only. No quick steer or quick boxes allowed. Steering wheel must turn minimum 2 ½ turns lock to lock.
  7. Rear end: May use nine inch Ford rear end in any car. Must have drum brakes and shocks must be in original location. No Floaters
  8. Bumpers: Must be factory OEM style bumper. Bumper straps from side of bumper to fender is recommended, maximum material is 6” wide 12” long 1/8” thick. No extended tubing or angle iron. No bumper reinforcement (no channel), No kickers. Must start race with bumper, if it falls off you will be equipment flagged. Must enter next race with bumper. Tow hooks mandatory on front and rear bumper. Must be visible from standing location.
  9. Tires/Wheels: Must run Passenger car tires. Must be 70 or 75 series tires with a maximum tread width of 225. No mud, snow, LT pickup, no chained, stud or racing tires. All four tires must be same size. All wheels must have 1 inch lug nuts. Cars cannot race with stripped or broken studs. No bead locks. Valve stem protection is allowed. 7 inch rim width.
  10. Brakes: 4 wheel OEM working brakes required. No brake valves. OEM brake pedal and master cylinder only.
  11. Fuel system: Must have racing fuel cell with roll over protection valve and vented. Must be in trunk. No electric fuel pumps. Must be carbureted. Stock 4 barrels allowed (No racing carbs and carb must match engine). Only 4412 Holley 500 allowed on any engine. No race fuel of any kind. No nitrous, alcohol, or oxygen additives allowed.
  12. Weight: No ballast of any kind allowed.
  13. Battery: 12 Volt passenger car type battery only. Battery must be contained in metal box, secured tightly and covered. May be located in trunk.
  14. Engine: Must be in stock location. Must be manufacture specific to year, make, and model of chassis. Maximum cylinder compression of 155 psi at any time for chevy. Ford, Olds, and Mopar 165 psi. Motors must pull 16” (17, 18, 19) of vacuum at 1000 rpm that is checked at the carburetor. Must be OEM ignition system. No aluminum intakes. No headers. Hydraulic camshafts only, no roller cams! Completely stock or OEM replacement engine components only! No roller rocker arms!
  15. Tranny: All forward and reverse gears must work. No manual trannys.
  16. Drive shafts: must be painted white. Must have a loop 360 degrees around the front of the drive shaft approximately 3” behind u-joint. No aluminum driveshafts.
  17. Safety: All drivers must wear approved safety equipment at all times on the track. Approved safety equipment is: protective headgear, long sleeves, long pants are mandatory. Neck rolls and fire suits are very highly recommended.
  18. Number sign: Must have three sided sign (16”X16”) securely fastened to roof. Sign must be white with blue numbers. Number on door is optional must match number on sign.

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