Open Class Photography

Dallas County Fair Photography Competition
Sponsored by the Waukee Area Arts Council

1. Each photographer can enter up to three photos.
2. There is a limit of one photo per categories.
3. A label should be placed on the BACK of each photo with the following information: Name, address, City, State, Zip, Age, Category of Photo, Title. Also include a preferred means of contact regarding any awards, either by email address or phone. Youth entrants are welcome to use parent information (other than their name and age) if preferred.
4. The same photo or similar photo cannot be entered in multiple categories.
5. Photographers must use their own ideas and concepts when creating their photos.
6. Categories are determined by their main subject matter.
7. The photography competition is about the art of photography and not Photoshop editing skills.
8. All photos must be mounted on 11”x14” foam core or gator board at least 1/8” thick. Do not use mat board or styrene. It is highly recommended that photos are dry mounted.
9. Photos may be any size up to 11”x14”.
10. Photographer’s name, photo title, date of photo, and any other text cannot appear on the front of the entry.
11. Mats are optional, but will not be considered in the judging.
12. Titles are for the public and will not be considered by the judges.
13. Photos by cameras, cell phones, or tablets are allowed.
14. All photos must be unframed. There should be no hooks or wires attached to the back of entries. Do not cover entries with any cellophane, acetate, or glass. There should be no adhesive exposed that could damage another person’s entry.
15. The Dallas County Fair reserves the right to reproduce in any form any work submitted.
16. Photos will be handled with care. However, the Dallas County Fair is not responsible for any loss or damage.
17. Photos may be picked up in person at the conclusion of the Dallas County Fair. Photos not retrieved within ten days of the conclusion of the fair will be discarded.

The categories for the 2018 Competition are:

• Farm or Rural Life
• Animal or Wildlife
• Open Class

A First Place Adult and First Place Youth 17 and under will be awarded to a photographer in each category. Each First Place will be awarded a $100 Prize.

1. Entries should be submitted to Dallas County Extension Office ATTN: JEFF JACKSON
2. Deadline for entries July 2nd
3. Entries may be submitted by mail, however The Dallas County Fair is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to entries in the mailing process. It is highly recommended that entries be submitted in person.